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GK-Marines Make Do
I initially started this post to share pics from my family reunion weekend. I was also going to talk about how Incubus rocked the fuck out of my life and made me so happy that I cried.

But then I started writing about Generation Kill and I got a little carried away. Oops!

So, Generation Kill. My love. For this series. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Watched every episode. Read the book. Borrowed the DVDs from the library so I could check out the commentary and special features. I want everyone to love this as much as I do. I need more people to talk to about it! I need more fic! I need more Generation Kill!

I am willing to upload EVERY EPISODE FOR YOU. Who wants them? WHO?!?!

Generation Kill links...Collapse )

* (New!!!): Check out this awesome David Simon primer that covers a few series, including Generation Kill. Lots of great stuff in here.

There is fic. There are pairings. They are magical.Collapse )

Visuals: GIFS, Pics, and Vids!Collapse )

And if that's not enough, I present you with the sexiest bitch of them all, Rudy Reyes. He is amazing and wonderful and made of rainbows and love. He plays himself in the series. He is also naked within the first few minutes of the first episode. You're welcome.

ETA: Seriously, guys. I've been sad for no darn reason lately and it would make me so happy if people would watch this. Emmy nominated! Eric from True Blood! COME ON.

ETA2: I've uploaded the series! You have no excuses!

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Generation Kill: Episodes with CommentaryCollapse )


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